10 Ekim 2013 Perşembe

Splunk Enterprise 6

Splunk Enterprise is the leading platform for real-time operational intelligence. It's the easy, fast and secure way to search, analyze and visualize the massive streams of machine data generated by your IT systems and technology infrastructure—physical, virtual and in the cloud.
Splunk Enterprise 6 is our latest release and delivers:
  • Powerful analytics for everyone—at amazing speeds
  • Completely redesigned user experience
  • Richer developer environment to easily extend the platform
Whether you're in the business of running, securing and auditing IT, developing applications or providing analytics for the business, machine data is a critical source of insight. The new Pivot interface opens the power of operational intelligence to anyone. Interactively manipulate, analyze and visualize data, without needing to understand the format of the underlying raw machine data. Generate sophisticated charts, visualizations and dashboards without learning the Splunk Search Processing Language 

Make Machine Data More Meaningful

Understanding your machine data is much easier with Data Models. Data Models are a new visual interface for building consistent data relationships and making machine data more meaningful and accessible. Data Models will help you define relationships in the underlying data while leaving the raw machine data intact.

View Data on Integrated Maps
Integrated maps enable you to display geographic data, Geo-IP addresses and summaries of machine data events on maps directly within your Splunk Enterprise dashboard. Maps are self-contained, do not require an external Internet connection or mapping service and can easily be integrated with your existing machine data to create compelling visualizations.

Learn From the Past, Plan for the Future

Anticipating system resource needs—like bandwidth, processors, memory and hard disk usage—are all critical for optimal service delivery. Predictive Analytics uses historical data as a baseline, so you can forecast demands on system capacity and resource utilization, enabling more effective planning and optimization. Security and fraud professionals can set up alerts that are triggered when events occur outside of predicted thresholds.

Redefined User Experience

Accessing the data, apps and content you care about is key. The redesigned home screen gives you instant access to the content you want and need the most and can be easily personalized based on user preference. The enhanced search interface enables new ways to explore and interact with fields and new navigations to build visualizations and dashboards rapidly from a single UI.

High Availability Monitoring Made Simple

Your machine data is mission critical, which is why you can protect your data in Splunk Enterprise with clustering. Simplified Cluster Management takes this a step further by delivering new visualizations to monitor your critical environment, enabling quicker recovery from failures by using new performance optimizations and easier management of Splunk apps in a distributed, clustered environment. With Cluster Management you can easily protect your business-critical data.

Enterprise-scale Deployments Made Easier

As Splunk Enterprise deployments become business critical, monitoring them is crucial. Splunk Enterprise 6 includes a new Forwarder Management feature, providing organizations with a visual interface so you can easily manage complex deployments and view the health of your remote Splunk Enterprise infrastructure.

Powerful Development Using Languages You Know

Developing an app or integrating machine data insights from Splunk Enterprise is now like building any modern web application. The Splunk Web Framework allows your developers to use the tools and languages they know and love—like JavaScript and Django—to build Splunk apps with custom dashboards, a flexible UI and custom data visualizations. Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Java,JavaScriptC#PythonPHP and Ruby enable rapid integration between Splunk Enterprise and other applications and systems to maximize the value of your machine data.

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